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Artistic conceptual drawings of the

Melvin Moran Veterans Park! 

Renovation of this site will begin Spring 2018

After his discharge from the military, Melvin moved back to the states and settled in Seminole, OK. Although there are too many honors to list here, among the most prestigious are: Oklahoma Hall of Fame inductee; Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame; Seminole Hall of Fame; and Lifetime achievement Award from Leadership Oklahoma just to name a few. Melvin insists that his most cherished achievement are his three children, six granddaughters, and four great-grandchildren, and his adoring wife, Jasmine. He co-founded with Jasmine the Jasmine Moran Children's' Museum located in Seminole; one of the largest of America's children's museums with visitors numbering over 62,000 annually.

Melvin is a true hero and role model and someone who reminds us that one person can indeed make a difference. We are humbled and honored to place his name on our latest project.

Partners will be continuing fundraising efforts in order to begin renovations on the Overlook at Arcadia Lake. This structure and adjoining activity areas will give much need outdoor areas to our veteran's and first responders!

Melvin Moran may not be someone you readily recognize, but he is truly someone that has made Oklahoma a better place to live and has touched countless lives. An Air Force veteran, he was stationed in England for two years where he met his wife Jasmine, a British actress.

Clint Hill is now a New York Times best selling author. "5 Days in November" and             "Mrs. Kennedy and Me" co-authored by Lisa McCubbin explore his time spent with the Kennedy's and their inner circle.


We are proud to be working with the Army Corps of Engineers, identifying areas that are outdated or even closed due to repair. After renovation, these sites will be used by Veteran Organizations and First Responders at no cost!

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Our needs include volunteers to help organize and staff events; assist with renovations at our Heroes Gathering Places; and fundraising!

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Our vision 

Partners For Heroes is focused on our vision to help aid our heroes as they recognize, identify, and overcome physical wounds and psychological injuries.

This site is named in honor of Clint Hill. He is the retired Secret Service agent who jumped on President Kennedy's limo to shield him after shots rang out.

"I went through a long period of deep depression. I cut off all of my relationships with friends and family," Hill says.

After many years of suffering from PTSD, in 2010 Hill finally started talking about what happened on that fateful day in Dallas.

His advice for those suffering from this disorder is to not be afraid to express your feelings.

"This Gathering Place here in Oklahoma on Skiatook Lake will be a peaceful retreat for them to gather, sit together and talk. My hope is that they will be able to share their stories which will help them move on with a happier life," states Hill.

Arcadia Lake Overlook to Honor Melvin Moran

our first honoree...                        Mr. clint hill