Melvin Moran Veterans Park  ​Opening Spring 2019

Melvin Moran may not be someone you readily recognize, but he is truly someone that has made Oklahoma a better place to live and has touched countless lives. An Air Force veteran, he was stationed in England for two years where he met his wife Jasmine, a British actress.

After his discharge from the military, Melvin moved back to the states and settled in Seminole. Although there are too many honors to list here, among the most prestigious are: Oklahoma Hall of Fame inductee; Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame; Seminole Hall of Fame; and Lifetime Achievement Award from Leadership Oklahoma. 

Melvin insists that his most cherished achievement are his three children, six granddaughters, and four great grandchildren, and his adoring wife Jasmine.

Melvin is a true hero and role model and someone who reminds us that one person can indeed make a difference.

Nature is magical when it comes to calming the soul...

       Nestled along the shoreline of beautiful Arcadia Lake, the Melvin Moran Veterans Park will welcome our nations heroes and provide a soothing escape from stress of daily life. Offering therapeutic recreational activities and peer bonding opportunities, the park will focus on those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Severe Depression and other debilitating concerns.     

       Once complete, the park will provide a critical, natural therapeutic opportunity to reconnect with friends and family in a peaceful, natural environment. Our heroes will be able to achieve rest and relaxation, calm and peace within their own minds bring back balance to their lives.

       By offering positive peer bonding and family activities, Partners is encouraging the relationship between experiences in nature and overall improved well-being, both physical and mental.

    Partners For Heroes has served over 7200 veterans, first responders and their families over the past 18 months at their inaugural site on Skiatook Lake just outside of Tulsa. Here are a few comments from those who have benefited:

"For veterans coping with physical limitations, post traumatic stress, and other unwelcome military souvenirs, the difficulty of being around public crowds can be severely limiting. Add the need to watch over one's own family in an uncontrolled environment and it makes going to a public lake area too overwhelming. Veterans who would benefit the most are missing a critical therapeutic opportunity to reconnect with family and friends in a peaceful natural environment. With Partners For Heroes, however, veterans can achieve the relaxation and connection that they need to restore peace and balance to their lives." ​                                                                                                                                                          Jeremy Nikel, MSW, LCSW US Navy (1993-2003)

"As soon as I arrive at the Heroes Gathering Place, I begin to feel my stress level diminish and my body relax. The view of the lake and the sound of the breeze through the trees create an inner peace that is hard to describe. Having the ability to take my family to the lake and knowing that it is secluded and mainly used by fellow soldiers makes this a place that I will use frequently. It has brought my family and I closer together and has allowed me to meet and talk openly with my peers. Partners For Heroes has changed my life for the better."  

​                                                                                                                                                        Michael D Stevens, USAF ANG 138th FW AMXS/MXAAW



Meet Melvin Moran